As a coalition dedicated to achievable housing for Hoosiers, Build Indiana Roots recognizes the importance of building new homes and tracking the Indiana housing market trends. Rising housing costs, which include regulations, are contributing to the housing shortage and are stifling community growth. Per one of our recent blog posts, Investigating the Housing Supply Deficit: What Building Permits Tell Us About the State of the Market, “To meet demand and close the housing gap, we need to run a surplus on housing permits consistently for the next several years.” Let’s look at the pivotal role building permits for new homes play in shaping Indiana’s housing landscape and how to obtain them seamlessly in Indianapolis.

Understanding the Importance of New Home Building Permits

Building permits for new homes serve as more than just bureaucratic red tape—they’re a mechanism to track the construction of housing that has been authorized and can offer a safeguard for homeowners, ensuring construction projects comply with safety standards and zoning regulations. In communities across Indiana, obtaining proper permits is synonymous with responsible development, fostering sustainable growth while safeguarding property values and neighborhood integrity. They also allow the state and economists to better predict future Indiana housing market trends.

Obtaining a Building Permit in Indianapolis

In Indiana, local units of government establish the requirements for obtaining building permits, and they vary from one town, city, and county to the next. However, the overarching principles remain consistent: adhere to zoning regulations, obtain necessary approvals, and submit comprehensive documentation. By ensuring compliance from the outset, you not only streamline the permit process but also mitigate potential delays and costly setbacks. To get started, you’ll need to know how to get a building permit. Indianapolis keeps the process fairly straightforward; visit “For the Class 2 (residential) structural permit application, typically you must submit a legal description of the property, site plan drawn to scale showing the location of existing and proposed buildings within property boundaries, as well as driveways, patios, decks, pools, courts, walks, etc., foundation plan, floor plan, wall section showing the makeup of the load-bearing wall from the footer up to the roof system, drawings of all sides of the building or addition, showing existing and proposed improvements, and engineer-stamped truss specs (if trusses will be used)”.  According to the City of Indianapolis and Marion County Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, “A Structural Permit requires the applicant to either be a licensed contractor or the property owner if they are completing the work themselves. If a property owner is pulling the permit, they must complete and sign a Statement of Intent and Understanding. If hiring a contractor to complete construction activity, the contractor must pull all required permits using her or his license. All contractors must be licensed and secure required permits to perform any work.”

Building Permits are a Value-Add

Building permits for new homes are the precursor to much-needed construction to increase housing supply in Indiana. By upholding standards of safety and quality, permits instill confidence in prospective buyers, bolstering property values and market appeal. Moreover, adherence to permit requirements contributes to a vibrant housing market, fostering sustainable community growth and economic prosperity.