Spring 2023 Housing Study

The WHY Behind the Common Sense Institute Housing Study

We know. We all know – you cannot help but listen to, read about, or see the challenges of the current housing market. Many of us are experiencing it firsthand. To put it bluntly: it’s rough out there. A post-pandemic boom sent prices soaring, and they have not yet returned to Earth. At the same time, rampant inflation led to rising mortgage…

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Articles for Legislators



The Financial Distance Between Affordable, Attainable & Current Housing Stock

You’ve heard the common, and usually inspirational, proverb: A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. But…

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The Unaffordable American Dream: Most Hoosiers Priced Out of the Housing Market

In 2021-2022, the housing market wasn’t just hot. It was scorching. Low inventory and strong demand created a perfect…

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3 Housing Trends Shaping the Indianapolis Rental Market

More Americans are opting to (or have to) rent their piece of the American Dream. When we look at the reasons behind…

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Who Supports Attainable Housing?

Who supports attainable housing? Think of it like this: Can we build strong communities if 61% of Hoosiers are priced…

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What Happens When Markets Don’t Include Attainable Housing?

Let’s paint a picture. Imagine a community with big, beautiful homes and sprawling yards, pothole-free streets (!),…

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5 Benefits of Embracing Attainable Housing in a Community

Housing shortages impact all of us. The ripple effects spread far and wide, from pricing hard-working Hoosiers out of…

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