Do Current Housing Permits Provide a Silver Lining to the Supply Issue?

In its comprehensive “Indianapolis Metropolitan Area Housing Affordability Report,” the Common Sense Institute (CSI) provides a realistic, fact-based estimate of the number of…

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Another Dose of Common Sense: Key Findings from the CSI Indianapolis Metro Area Housing Affordability Report

In the Indianapolis Metro Area Housing Affordability Report, the Common Sense Institute pulls timely, relevant data in order to provide a clear look into the evolution of prices,…

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How Does the Current Housing Market Impact Buyers at Different Stages? Assessing First-Time vs. Seasoned Hoosiers

How are Indiana buyers faring in their search for home? There are signals that the market may be experiencing a significant shift – and others that indicate buyers are not seeing…

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3 Reasons Build Indiana Roots Uses Housing Studies

At Build Indiana Roots, our mission is educating Hoosiers on achievable housing and advocating responsible, balanced housing policies. It is our belief that we can grow thriving,…

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How Do We Fix This? Solving the Indianapolis Metro Area Housing Shortage

How are we going to solve the Indianapolis metro area housing shortage so hardworking Hoosiers are able to live, and invest in, the communities in which they work?

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Investigating the Housing Supply Deficit: What Building Permits Tell Us About the State of the Market

The housing supply deficit is far from breaking news for millions of Hoosiers who find themselves priced out of the market. What do building permits tell us about the path we’re…

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Indianapolis Metro Area Housing Shortage: Homeownership Out of Reach for Millions of Hoosiers

There is a crushingly inadequate supply of housing in the Indianapolis metro area, and most households can’t afford to buy what is available. A look at the numbers - and the next…

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The New Math: How Many Hours Do You Need to Work to Afford a Mortgage?

How many hours do you need to work to afford a mortgage? We are asking prospective homebuyers to not only work hard, hard, and harder but to be magicians, producing 10, 20, 30…

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Central Indiana Housing Crisis: Declining Affordability Pricing Millions Out of the Market

The once white-hot demand for housing has now declined in Central Indiana. But it’s not because fewer people want to buy; it’s because more of them have given up.

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