A coalition of business groups and trade associations who support achievable housing for Hoosiers.

why we are here

Increasing housing costs are stifling the growth of communities across Indiana. When new households are unable to put down roots, the community struggles to thrive. We educate Hoosiers on achievable housing and advocate responsible, balanced housing policies, so all residents can achieve their home buying dreams.

What does Build Indiana Roots do?

Educate the community and lawmakers about the need for achievable housing and why the lack of it is a problem with a focus on the missing middle.

Advocate for homebuyers, communities and builders to lawmakers about the need for responsible building/housing policies.

Protect homebuyers from being priced out of their desired community due to aesthetic only regulations that are not backed by market data.

Promote responsible building solutions and regulations that are backed by market research and balance the need for regulation with the needs of the community.

The Housing Life Cycle

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